Why Beyonce went too far with Blue Ivy at the MTV VMAs

Beyonce and Jay Z bring daughter Blue Ivy on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards. Did they go too far?

Beyonce-Celebrity-parents Photo: Fame Flynet.

Even if you missed—or intentionally skipped—the MTV Video Music Awards last night, you've still probably heard about the appearance of Blue Ivy, the adorable two-year-old daughter of Beyonce and Jay Z. Little Blue may be the most famous toddler in the world right now (sorry, Prince George!). She’s got fame, fortune and some awesome dance moves, too.

Jay Z presented Beyonce with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award while holding an applauding Blue. When the family embraced on stage, the audience melted, the Internet exploded and Queen B wept. And, with that little family moment, the rumours of divorce disappeared and the triumphant reign of the Carters continued.

I love Beyonce—to a point. I love seeing Blue Ivy, all dressed up in gold like a living award, doing some fab dance moves and grabbing the microphone to say “Good job, Mommy!” And the Carters know how much the public loves to see her.

I may be a lone voice in the audience, but I don’t think that it's right. Her parents put her in the spotlight last night to send a message, just as they use her images and voice in their music. Sitting and watching your own childhood projected on a screen for an audience’s enjoyment seems to be a very strange way of growing up. I’m sure a psychologist would have something to say about the potential for narcissism and how it could be difficult to draw boundaries between what is private and public. Perhaps Blue Ivy can show the video to her therapist one day. If the doc hasn't already seen it.

I’m just concerned that she'll have a future as a D-level celebrity and will end up on Dancing with the Stars. I can hear you yelling, "No, not Blue Ivy!" But why not? Fame is fickle and fleeting. And also addictive.

Blue Ivy has a different life than my kids—she is used to being in front of the camera and obviously does not suffer from stage fright. She watches her parents perform all the time—complete with her mom's lack of pants, shimmering bum, and the sexual moves. She is used to being in the spotlight and being part of a giant publicity machine. But what is the cost to being the scion of fabulously famous parents?


Today, we are all obsessed with Blue Ivy, which is exactly what Beyonce and Jay Z wanted. She is trending on Twitter, she made Taylor Swift cry and led Katy Perry to say her life is over because Blue Ivy waved at her.

Tomorrow, we may move on to someone else. And who knows what will happen if Prince George becomes a big brother?

Emma Waverman is a writer, blogger and mom to three kids. She has many opinions, some of them are fit to print. Read more of her articles here and follow her on Twitter @emmawaverman.

This article was originally published on Aug 25, 2014

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