After years of infertility, couple announces pregnancy with awesome movie trailer

Strap in for an exciting 40-ish weeks

“Welcome to marriage town, a wonderful carefree time, … that is, until everything you know suddenly goes down the fallopian tube.”

Ahhh-mazing!  After struggling for five years to get pregnant,Erik Herrera and wife Rebecca, announced they are expecting with the most awesome movie trailer.

Written and shot by Erik, the video highlights all the great parts of pregnancy. No wine. Constantly having to pee. Lots of unsolicited comments—you are HUGE!

The trailer s hilarious, but there is one moment that will have you ugly crying—at 2:40 there is actual footage of the couple hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. After years of dealing with infertility, you can literally feel their excitement.

“[So] Sit back and enjoy the wild ride that is pregnancy!… Coming this fall to a car seat near you!”

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