11 ways to deck out your stroller

They see me strollin', they hatin'. You'll be the envy of all your parent friends with these awesome accessories.

11 ways to deck out your stroller

Photo: Diono

11 ways to deck out your stroller

Activity tray

Baby can snack and play on-the-go with this adorable activity attachment for the stroller bar. The playful puppy from Skip Hop encourages your tot to explore different textures and sounds, and a dishwasher-safe snack container keeps puffs and Cheerios handy. With this much fun inside her stroller, she may never want to get out. 


11 ways to deck out your strollerPhoto: Skip Hop

Solarsafe net

Going for a walk on a hot day? Protect your baby from harmful UV rays with this sun shade. The netting provides UVA and UVB protection, while the mesh material still allows a soft breeze to circulate. Keep it in the under-stroller basket: it conveniently rolls up into a small, snap-shut storage pouch attached to one corner. The elastic border means this product also works stretched over a Pack 'n Play or bucket carseat. 


11 ways to deck out your strollerPhoto: Jolly Jumper



Keep all your essentials at your fingertips with this handlebar organizer. The storage pack includes two insulated beverage holders for bottles and hot or cold drinks, a large middle section with a magnetic closure for snacks, tissues, and pacifiers and three outer pockets for your cell phone, credit cards or keys. You'll never have to worry about misplacing something at the bottom of the diaper bag again. 


11 ways to deck out your strollerPhoto: Britax

Cooler bag

Stay hydrated on the go with this handy cooler bag. It can hold up to six small baby bottles or a couple of cold ones for mom and dad. Time to laze around in the park, put the baby on a blanket and have a picnic! 


11 ways to deck out your strollerPhoto: Amazon

Wheeled board

We've all heard of a bicycle made for two but what about a stroller? In just two clicks this ingenius wheeled board attaches to your stroller so older siblings can join the fun too. The sturdy design guarantees a safe ride.


11 ways to deck out your strollerPhoto: Bugaboo



If your older child doesn't want to hop a ride on his sibling's stroller, keep him close with this colourful animal-shaped handle extension. It easily attaches to the stroller so big kids can hold on while maintaining their independance. It's perfect for crossing the street, parking lots and busy areas. 


11 ways to deck out your strollerPhoto: SkipHop

Phone tether

Toy phones are great but sometimes your mini-millennial wants to play with the real deal. (And let's be honest, we all make exceptions to the rules about screen-time every now and then.) This universal case prevents screen damage and protects your device from sticky fingers. Just slip your smartphone in and attach the flexible strap to the stroller bar to create a phone leash. Bonus: you'll never lose your phone now that it's attached. 


11 ways to deck out your strollerPhoto: SkipHop


Sometimes life gives you too many bags and not enough hands. One popular solution is The Mommy Hook—it fits any stroller handle (depending on weight limits, and how tippy your stroller is) and the durable, heavy-duty aluminum can hold your heavy bags while you focus on pushing baby. 


11 ways to deck out your strollerPhoto: Amazon


Rain cover

Don't get caught in a storm without the right gear. This breathable but waterproof rain shield will keep your little one warm and dry while the two of you splash through the puddles (or make a run for cover). When the fun's over, the quick-access zipper door lets you remove baby without having to take off the whole thing. Bonus: this universal design fits most pod strollers, most bassinet attachments and car seats, too.


11 ways to deck out your strollerPhoto: Guzzie + Guss


Keep your stroller safe and secure with this universal lock while you and your baby enjoy the day's activities. The sleek and minimalist design doesn't take up a ton of space and is perfect for the trendy mom. 


11 ways to deck out your strollerPhoto: Buggygear

Personal fan

OK, it may seem a bit over the top, but this fan is perfect for the baby who needs to look wind-blown for her music video debut or is just way too cranky from the heat. It's battery operated, portable, and easily attaches to your stroller. The flexible neck is adjustable and the fan cover keeps little fingers safe.


11 ways to deck out your strollerPhoto: Diono

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This article was originally published on May 19, 2016

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