9 great baby play mats

Perfect for tummy time, learning to roll, crawl, walk and reducing noise, these play mats are so multi-functional. They're pretty cute, too!

By Amy Valm

9 great baby play mats

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SkipHop Playspot Chevron Geo foam tiles

Pack a pretty punch of pastel-y corals and muted greys with this interlocking chevron mat. With 40 foam triangles (including 32 flat-sided edge pieces), it's easy to mix and match the pattern. It covers a good chunk of surface area, too; 70 inches by 56 inches. 


9 great baby play matsPhoto: Bed Bath and Beyond

Infantino soft foam puzzle mat

If space or budget is an issue, this mini mat is super affordable and compact. Six interlocking pieces each contain a removable shape in the centre, great for improving your little one's fine motor skills. Baby not included. 


9 great baby play matsPhoto: Walmart

SkipHop Zoo Playspot interlocking foam tiles

The gang's all here! All the iconic SkipHop animals are ready to play on this 12-piece mat. Each tile is 14 inches by 14 inches and made of smooth EVA foam. 


9 great baby play matsPhoto: SkipHop

Prince Lionheart Develop Mat Shapes

The contrasting black and white squares on this mat are super appealing to little peepers. It's two-sided, with a vibrant barnyard decal on the flipside. The best part is it rolls up for easy transport. 


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Tadpoles playmat set

If you're after a rustic look, this faux woodgrain mat will work perfectly amongst your carefully curated antlers and woodland creatures. It's easy to wipe clean and comes with 12 border pieces for a finished-edge look. 


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SkipHop Playspot Geo foam floor tiles

Keep it simple with this restrained palette. Swap the design from diamond to chevron by arranging the tiles in different ways, giving a pop of geometric cool in the nursery or play room. 


9 great baby play matsPhoto: Indigo

Tadpoles Stars playmat set

The puzzle aspect of these removable star-shaped pieces is great for toddlers to explore. This mat is recommended for tots three and up.


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Caravan of Love organic cotton playmat

Made from bamboo and cotton batting, this silky-soft playmat is worthy of its price tag. All handmade from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, the underside features an anti-slip silicone-dotted cotton so it's secure for nap times and on-the-go play. There's a slew of pretty patterned removable covers, but this camper one is our fave. Bonus: The covers are machine washable. If you're after something more dense, check out their CorkiMats. So cute!

$250 US,


9 great baby play matsPhoto: Pillobebe

Birds in Trees Baby Care playmat

This cute mat is made of wipeable PVC, which is a cinch to clean. The reverse side has a colourful alphabet pattern for bigger kids. Not only is it good for lounging, exploring and absorbing falls, it acts as a great insulator for reducing noise, too. $149,

9 great baby play matsPhoto: Dwinguler

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This article was originally published on Aug 26, 2016