8 Best High Chairs for Baby 2024

Baby is going to love all the best high chair picks on our list. We vetted each and put 'em to the test!

8 Best High Chairs for Baby 2024


Beyond marking everything on your newborn checklist, like convertible car seats and crib mattresses, there are needs your family will have beyond those first few weeks. A high chair is one of the most used essentials that pops up around five months and lasts you for many months — and even years.

From budget-friendly options to a luxe pick, if you're looking for the best high chair, here's a list of our favorites!

What to look for in the best high chair for baby

"There are a lot of factors at play when looking for the best baby high chair," says Jen Saxton, the founder and CEO of Tot Squad. The first is space — you need to determine if you have room for a full-sized chair or one that folds up and rolls away. The second depends on how you plan on feeding your child.

"Think about how you plan to introduce solids to your child, as many experts in baby-led weaning will share the importance of a footrest in helping your child sit upright properly to chew and swallow," she explains.

The best high chairs 2024

Best overall

Abiie Beyond Junior Convertible Wooden High Chair

Abiie Beyond Junior Convertible Wooden High Chair, best high chairs Merchant

Combining the best of several features in other chairs, the Abiie Beyond Junior Convertible Wooden High Chair stands out for its longevity. Usable from infancy until well past toddlerhood, it includes a three or five-point harness, removable tray, cushioned back and adjustable footrest.

It's one of the best high chairs for baby because it's easy to clean and the removable tray is dishwasher safe The best part? The chair even comes with a three-year manufacturer's warranty.


"One year ago, I bought this highchair after hours of online research (trying to get the best value for my buck) and I settled on this," writes verified Amazon purchaser, Gunnar Franke. "It wasn't plastic, but solid wood, and it looked great. It even allowed us to change the footrest as our little one grew."

"The chair is super easy to assemble, disassemble, move and clean. The quality of the wood is pretty great and has held up perfectly. If you're looking for a highchair, this is a great one for the price."


  • Transitions from infancy to childhood
  • Holds up to 250 pounds
  • Available in eight colors
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable, dishwasher-safe tray
  • Choose from three or five-point harness
  • Moving the high chair is simple and quick


  • Some find the tray smaller than other models

Best budget

Cosco Simple Fold Full-Size High Chair

Cosco Simple Fold Full-Size High Chair, best high chairs Merchant

If you're short on budget and space, we get it. Cosco's Simple Fold Full-Size High Chair can't be beat. It's easy to stow away when not needed and can be transported from room to room as it only weighs 10 pounds.

Unlike a travel high chair, it expands to full size and has a three-position adjustable tray to grow as your child grows. All parts wipe down easily and it includes a footrest, too.


Verified purchaser, Paula writes, "This high chair is very lightweight which is what this older Grammy needed. It also was easy to keep clean."


  • Budget-friendly, under $50 price point
  • Space-saving design
  • The chair weighs only 10 pounds
  • Has a three-position adjustable tray
  • Easy to wipe down
  • Comes with a comfortable footrest


  • Only holds children up to 50 pounds

Best design

Mockingbird High Chair

Mockingbird High Chair, best high chairs

Design-focused parents will love how the Mockingbird High Chair looks around their table—and how it functions. It's a 2-in-1 convertible high chair that allows for proper positioning for babies learning to eat. The tray has three positions to grow with your child, and a four-position footrest can keep them comfortable throughout the years.

Once your little one is ready to join you at the dinner table, slide off the high chair seat. No tools are necessary, and yes—it's that easy. In a moment it converts into a beautiful, durable chair your child can use at the table, desk or anywhere else.

The Y-shaped frame tucks completely under your table, so there's no bulky high chair to maneuver around. Best of all, the chair comes with silicone straps that get clean. Whether wiping them down or putting them in the dishwasher alongside the tray, parents can finally feel at peace with fully cleaned high chair straps—a true feat!


  • Beautifully and functionally designed, making it one of our top picks
  • Converts as your child grows making it easy for baby to eat at every stage
  • Parts are dishwasher-safe, including silicone straps
  • Scoots under the table completely to save space
  • Tray with three depths
  • Footrest with four positions


  • Pricier, but worth it for years of extended function and exceptional design

Best luxury

Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair

Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair, best high chairs Merchant

For parents obsessed with Scandinavian design, it doesn't get better than the Stokke Tripp Trapp, one of Saxton's favorite high chairs. Originally designed in 1972, it's been a high for decades thanks to how it grows with a child. Ergonomic and made from European beech wood, the chair can hold up to 300 pounds.

Best of all, the seat and footplate are adjustable, and the newborn and baby set come with all the attachments needed to start a baby on solids. There's even an attachment available to position newborns at table level so they can enjoy family meals, too!

"Yes, it is expensive, but I've tried three different high chairs and this one is by far the best and the easiest to clean," writes verified Amazon purchaser, Bren. "It also grows with your child from just sitting up through the toddler and kid years. Honestly, you could probably send your kid off to college with it."


  • Sleek Scandinavian design
  • Decades-long favourite
  • Available in tons of colors and wood finishes
  • Made from European beech wood
  • Holds up to 300 pounds
  • Adjustable seat and footrest


  • Some find the infant attachment hard to detach

Best rated

Graco Slim Snacker Baby High Chair

Graco Slim Snacker Baby High Chair, best high chairs Merchant


Parents love the Graco Slim Snacker Baby High Chair—it has 24,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, where people have been praising everything from its ability to fold in one second with one hand to its ultra-slim design. The seat pad is wipeable and there's a storage basket for feeding essentials, toys or anything you need to make it through a meal.

What's more, the seat reclines in three positions and there's a footrest to keep your child comfortable while feeding. All three grandchildren have this high chair and they love it," says verified Amazon shopper, Betty Jane VanderLaan. "

"The oldest stands to help prepare food with mom and dad and the youngest will be enjoying her tofu and solid foods in it soon! It’s attractive wood and so easy to clean!"


  • Slim design
  • Folds up in one second with one hand
  • Over 24,000 five-star reviews on Amazon
  • Can be adjusted to three reclining positions
  • Comes with a footrest for comfort
  • Includes a large storage basket


  • The tray does not detach

Best infant high chair

Sweety Fox Baby High Chair

Sweety Fox Baby High Chair, best high chairs Merchant

Infants will need different feeding positions based on what and when you are feeding them, and this high chair comes with five reclining positions, three footrest positions and seven seat heights to help get you and your baby through your feeding journey.


Better yet, the entire chair is one of the best baby high chairs because the included removable tray wipes clean and the entire chair can be folded away when not in use. The chair holds up to 30 pounds and comes with a toy bar, doubling as a seat when not used for feeding—we love!

Eric Amend, a verified Amazon purchaser writes, "I love that it comes with a hanging play bar so she can learn at an early age how to start grabbing for things and play while she's sitting watching the various things going on around her. It's a great material so it's also super easy to clean and wipe down when messes occur. It also reclines and moves up and down which we love so when we're on the floor she can look up and be relaxed!"

We love the multiple reclining positions on the chair and three available footrest positions. Adjust to seven different heights to fit a countertop, dining room table or just about anywhere else. Best of all, we love the easy-to-clean detachable seat cover that makes baby food messes a breeze to clean.


  • Can be put into five reclining positions
  • Footrest has three positions
  • Can be adjusted to seven heights
  • Includes a toy bar
  • Tray is removable
  • Can fold up and be stored
  • Available in five fun colors
  • Seat cover is detachable and easier to clean than other models


  • Only holds up to 30 pounds

Best portable

Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Inglesina Fast Table Chair, best high chairs Merchant

Another Saxton pick, the Inglesina Fast Table Chair makes dining out or saving space at home easy. It can be attached to any table or countertop and fold down compactly when not in use. Appropriate for babies six months to three years, the chair, which debuted back in 1960, can hold up to 37 pounds of weight.


The arms twist tightly to secure the chair to surfaces up to 3.35 inches thick and won't scratch. It has a high backrest and padded seat for comfort and includes a three-point harness for safety. There's a rear pocket for storing feeding items, a removable and washable cover and a travel carrying bag.

We love that the fabric cover is easily detached so you can throw it right in the washing machine.

"This chair is amazing!" writes verified Amazon purchaser, Chicago Prime. "We love this chair for our kitchen island. Our family members absolutely love it as well and wish they had gotten this one."

"We didn’t want a big chair that took a lot of room. I searched high and low for an adjustable height chair—one that would work with our kitchen table and one that worked with our island (counter height). Every chair option out was either a large footprint in the kitchen, awful to clean and looked like a traditional baby high chair."


  • Collapsible and great for travel
  • Secure to any table height less than 3.35 inches
  • Holds up to 37 pounds
  • The cover is removable and washable
  • Includes a three-point safety harness
  • Includes a travel bag
  • Fabric is machine washable
  • A great alternative to booster seats


  • Because it's missing a footrest babies should not be put in them for prolonged periods

Best themed

Infantino Grow-with-Me 4-in-1 Convertible High Chair

Infantino Grow-with-Me 4-in-1 Convertible High Chair, best high chairs for baby Merchant


This 4-in-1 high chair transforms into a space saver, chair booster and toddler chair — what's not to love? The foxy (pun intended) high chair supports infants starting at six months and holds up to 33 pounds. The food tray and seat back are adjustable for an ideal positioner from baby to toddler.

We love the high chair’s grow-with-me design — this allows you to use the reclining highchair mode for bottle feeding, infant booster mode for exploring solid foods, toddler booster mode for eating at the “big table,” or the toddler chair mode for when your toddler needs a place to sit.

The meal mat includes handy divided food and snack sections that are perfectly sized so little fingers can easily grab anything. What's more, it's dishwasher-safe, multifunctional and easy to remove at a moment's notice! These high chairs offer cushioned, low-density foam padding that is soft for babies and easy to clean for parents.

"This was everything I was looking for in a highchair. The foam seating is a little strange, but all together it is sturdy and doesn't cause concern. It's easy to clean, the tray is easy to take off and put on," shares one verified Amazon shopper.

"It fits right up against the table so my son can be involved at the dinner table. To top it all off it is adorable which was my selling point."


We have to agree, the little paw prints do it for us! Our own Today's Parent staff editors used this chair for years without worry, loving the soft wipe-down seats and eye-catching design that invites little ones to nosh.


  • 4-in-1 high chair
  • Removable food tray
  • Divided food and snack sections
  • Ideal for six months and older
  • Holds up to 33 pounds
  • BPA-free, dishwasher-safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in three adorable animal designs


  • Chair legs are angled and stick out

How we chose the best high chairs

We looked at a variety of factors ranging from ease of setup to mobility when choosing the best high chair buys on the market. We tested each model for sturdiness, did our best to clean sloppy messes off each and examined just how seamless each design looked in our living spaces. After all, a piece of furniture is only great if you're proud to show it off in your space.

Other factors, like overall value and real customer reviews were considered as well. Models that shipped fast and free with minimal assembly were ranked the highest. Those with excellent color selections and return policies were also awarded extra points.

Baby's safety ultimately reigned supreme when choosing the best models. Every high chair on our list was safety-tested and approved by experts. Our list excludes any models we found unreliable.

What is the best toddler high chair?

For toddlers ages one through about four, it may be best to consider a convertible high chair style that allows you to seamlessly transition from baby to young toddler and then child. We love the Mockingbird and Stokke Tripp Trapp models as the best toddler high chairs.

Do you need a high chair cover?


Not necessarily, though it may be an added layer of protection that saves you time and energy if your high chair doesn't come with removable inserts. Most popular high chair designs either have wipe-down materials like plastic, wood or bamboo-based hard shells or have removable fabric inserts that are machine washable.

When should a baby start using a high chair?

If your baby is able to sit up on their own for a prolonged period of time, they're probably able to sit in a high chair. For many babies, this is at around six months of age. That's also when head, neck and abdominal muscles typically strengthen and little ones have more control of their bodies.

Your child may be able to sit in a high chair for short periods of time a little sooner or may require extra time. Be sure to chat with your doctor about the right timing.


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