Our Fave Baby Bottle Washer Products We Swear By

These baby bottle washers promise cleaner, more hygienic feeds.

Our Fave Baby Bottle Washer Products We Swear By

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Let’s face it, keeping baby bottles clean is no walk in the park: it’s a whole process of washing, sterilizing, and dealing with those parts that require some serious TLC. That’s why having some baby bottle washers on hand is key, as these essential tools can simplify the entire cleaning process from start to finish.

Not sure which products to incorporate into your baby bottle-washing routine? No problem – we've carefully selected six items to assist in keeping both plastic and glass baby bottles clean and your sink neat.

Why are baby bottle washer products so important?

To ensure the safety of your baby’s milk, it is essential to maintain the cleanliness of the bottles, nipples, and all their components as your baby will be using them for feeding daily. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this is crucial to prevent the contamination of your baby’s milk by germs, bacteria and mold.

Remember to wash your hands with soap and water before washing bottles. If your baby was born prematurely or has a weakened immune system, it's important to talk with your doctor about possible extra sanitizing steps.

Whether you prefer to use a dishwasher for a thorough cleaning or prefer washing bottles by hand, here are some brilliant baby bottle washers that can assist you along the way.

The best baby bottle washers to invest in:

Best overall

Baby Brezza Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer Machine

baby brezza baby bottle sterilizer, baby bottle washer products Merchant

As a new parent, you’ll find yourself with more baby bottles to clean than time to do it. This nifty bottle sterilizer and dryer machine has got your back. It harnesses the power of steam to banish germs and bacteria from bottles, pumps, and parts.


It makes washing baby bottles a simple task thanks to easy operation, straightforward controls and step-by-step instructions. Choose the right sanitizing setting for you and then sterilize your baby bottles in a matter of minutes. We think it makes cleaning bottle parts of all sizes and styles a breeze.

This sterilizer and dryer machine has room for six bottles and has stainless steel heating plates that shield against rust and hard water build-up. The only downside? It’s a bit expensive, but if you are looking for a way to clean and dry bottles quickly, this gadget is worth every cent.

Best budget

Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush

munchkin bottle washing brushes, baby bottle washer products Merchant

Forget the ordinary sponges; these bottle sponges ensure no baby bottle escapes a good scrubbing. Not only do they come in a pack of two, but they’re also BPA-free and feature nylon bristles that are gentle on your little one’s bottles. Plus, the included soft rubber nipple brush is perfect for cleaning those tiny parts and pieces.

Amazon reviewers love this sponge set for its simplicity, especially when it comes to cleaning beyond just bottles. Denise Boote, an Amazon-verified shopper writes, “Whether I’m tackling baby bottles, sippy cups, feeding items or even adult water bottles, these brushes do the job efficiently.”


However, other reviewers have noted issues with the brush length, particularly for taller bottles. At under $10 for a two-pack, the price is just right, showing that the best baby bottle washers can be affordable. We also love keeping these on hand when you're feeding your baby on the go.

Best draining rack

OXO Tot Bottle Drying Rack

baby bottle drying rack, baby bottle washer products Merchant

Don't forget to add this drying rack to your baby bottle washer shopping list – it’s a must-have for keeping your bottles dry and neatly organized, whether you’re hand-washing or using a sanitizer and dryer. It handles up to eight bottles at once for a thorough dry.

We love the clever design features including a detachable cup for straws, utensils, and medicine droppers and ample draining channels. The flexible, silicone-tipped tines won’t harm your bottles. It beats letting bottle parts air dry on a dish towel by a mile.

While many reviewers love that this bottle-drying rack doesn't slide and holds a lot of parts, others point out that it uses lots of counter space, so it may not be the best match for smaller kitchen setups. Still, if you’re constantly tackling a mountain of bottles, this budget-friendly drying rack could easily become your kitchen’s new BFF.


It makes old-school, timeless bottle bottle washing with soap and hot water more efficient than ever.

Best nipple cleaning brush

Philips AVENT Baby Bottle and Nipple Brush


philps avent bottle and nipple cleaning brush, baby bottle washer products Merchant

Restore your baby’s bottles, nipples, and feeding essentials with this ingenious cleaning brush, all for a steal at under $5! We love the comfy handle, non-toxic materials and bristles that work their magic on every inch of the bottle. It's dishwasher safe, affordable and easily cleans all the hardest-to-reach bottle parts.

With a 4.8-star rating and thousands of five-star reviews, this little brush is a hit with reviewers for so many reasons, with versatility being top. Matt Niner, a verified Amazon shopper, writes: "I bought this thing to clean baby bottles and now I use it for all my dishes. It's the perfect firmness to clean both hard surfaces and glass and works equally well on both. It gets into the little crevasses that a regular sponge misses."


The heavy-duty plastic construction even stands up to boiling water.

Best baby bottle soap

Dapple Baby Bottle and Dish Soap

dapple baby bottle dish soap, baby bottle washer products Merchant

If you’re on the hunt for the holy grail of baby bottle washers, look no further! Soap is the magic ingredient that makes those bottles shine like new, and this particular soap is the crème de la crème of the bunch. It’s free from all the bad stuff like fragrances, parabens, phthalates, SLS, SLES and dyes, so you can be sure your baby’s bottles are squeaky clean and safe.

Just like the other picks on our list, this gem has won over the hearts of Amazon reviewers—boasting a stellar 4.8-star rating and garnering thousands of five-star reviews. Running water, a brush and a few drops of this stuff are all you need.

Nconspikus, a verified Amazon shopper writes, "It is the only soap I have found that cleans and deodorizes. Both my daughters are on Nutramigen formula and if you don't know what that is, congratulations, because it smells horrible! Dapple gets the bottles clean and removes the odor. I would recommend this to any new mom."

Best sterilizer

Dr. Brown's All-in-One Sterilizer and Dryer for Baby Bottles

dr. brown's bottle sterilizer, best baby bottle washer products Merchant

Tired of battling and endless stream of used bottles? Enter this genius sterilizer and dryer. It not only sanitizes and dries baby bottles quickly with easy-to-use settings, but also tackles bottles, nipples, caps,  breast pump parts, pacifiers and teethers with ease.

It’s also a countertop space-saver. Sterilized bottles are just a few button pushes away. This sterilizer and dryer has earned itself some serious praise from five-star reviewers.


Brittany Schmierer, a verified Amazon customer writes, "This has been an everyday essential in our house. We now use it one to two times per day. Also, it keeps my countertops clean from a bunch of bottles and pump parts sitting out."

While many reviewers rave about its ability to streamline the process, others say it’s a tad too small (it can only hold size bottles) to handle multiple bottles at once. If you’re dipping your toes into the world of sterilizer and dryer gadgets and want to slash your drying time, this little heated drying gadget is the winning ticket.

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