Glass baby bottles

The best glass baby bottles

If you’ve decided to use glass baby bottles instead of plastic, there’s quite a bit of choice out there. But in addition to worrying about leaking and nipple collapse, as you would with any baby bottle, glass bottles are also breakable and heavier than plastic. So to help you find the best glass baby bottles, we put a bunch to the test in our lab, looking at weight, ease of cleaning, assembly and use, leakage and, of course, breakage. Yes, some of the bottles shattered when dropped from counter height, and that was an automatic deal-breaker for us—but a lot of them didn’t even have a scratch after being dropped five times, and that was impressive. We also sent samples of each bottle out to families to try them out at home so we could get real-life feedback. Here are the best glass baby bottles, which made the cut to get the Today’s Parent Approved seal.

Philips Avent Natural Glass Baby Bottle
Best for Parents looking for an easy to assemble, wide neck glass bottle
Top benefits Wide neck, does not leak, travel cap stays on
Considerations Glass bottles are heavier than plastic
Bottom line Easy-to-use and sturdy, the Philips Avent Natural Glass Baby Bottle is a good option for parents who want to try out a glass bottle


Mii Sophie la Girafe Glass Baby Bottle
Best for Sophie la Girafe fans, and parents looking for a glass bottle that travels well
Top benefits Easy to prep and clean, lightweight and durable for travel
Considerations Glass bottles are heavier than plastic, tight-fitting travel lid may be difficult to remove for some people
Bottom line This sturdy, easy-to-use glass bottle is lighter than many others, making it a good choice for when you're on the go


Natursutten Glass Baby Bottle
Best for Families looking for an eco-friendly and effective feeding option
Top benefits Lightweight, stylish, made from sustainable materials
Considerations Needs a bottle brush to clean inside the bottle, natural rubber nipple is easily stained
Bottom line The Natursutten Glass Baby Bottle is as good for the environment as it is for babies


Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Options Glass Wide-Neck Bottle
Best for Fussy babies with symptoms of colic or gas
Top benefits Removable internal vent system designed to help reduce colic, gas and spit-up, wide neck makes bottle prep easy, grooves along sides make it comfortable to hold
Considerations Cleaning time is longer due to six pieces, weighs a bit more than other glass bottles
Bottom line The Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Options Glass Wide-Neck Bottle is a great option to try if you have a fussy baby who suffers from gas or colic

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