YEA or NAY?: Jennifer Lopez's AMA "On the Floor" number

Haley openly admits JLo is one of her favourite performers, but warns she better QUIT IT, or it's goodbye

By Haley Overland
YEA or NAY?: Jennifer Lopez's AMA "On the Floor" number

Photo: Jennifer Lopez at her FIAT event. Credit: Fame Pictures

Did you watch the AMAs last night? Did you happen to see Jennifer Lopez's "On the Floor" number? The one in which she stripped down not once, but twice, into nothing but a sheer cat suit with sparkles covering, what my kids like to call (for some odd reason), "her privates."


If anyone should talk about this it's me. A) because I was a dancer -- a hip hop teacher, to boot; and, B) because I'm a JLo fan. I'm not a die-hard JLo fan because I have better things to do with my life, but I'm definitely a fan. I've loved her since her Fly Girl days in In Living Color -- always looked for JLo, the best dancer in the group.

But I miss THAT JLo. I miss Jenny from the block (bygones). THIS JLo's turning into a sell-out. First, with the surprise Fiat placement in the "On the Floor" number, and then with the striptease into next to nothing. And I could have done without that sorry fake-out in the beginning when she pretended to start crying....

If you don't feel like watching the whole performance HERE, just look at this photo from it HERE.... GAHHHH!

Not only is this whole situation a quintessential example of what Miss Representation is all about -- with the car and the nude cat suit, the gyrating, etc., etc., ETC. -- but it was distracting! It took away from all the awesome dancing. Hip hop should really not be danced in stilettos and a sparkly cat suit. Just. Never.

Anyway, congratulations to Jennifer for being 42, the mother of twins, and looking like that. But, the skimpy costume was totally distracting. I wished she were wearing funky sneakers and a costume that suited the song and dancing. I wished she hadn't gotten into that Fiat, which also didn't suit the performance, because I couldn't see her dancing in there.

When she collected her Latin Artist of the Year award last night -- which she completely deserves -- she thanked her 3-year-old twins, Emme and Max, for making her a "better person." While I'm sure that's true, I wish she'd tone it right down so I could show my daughter what great Latin and hip hop dancing looks like.

What do you think, Gorgeouses? JLo's On the Floor number last night -- YEA? or NAY?

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Nov 21, 2011

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