Will Sarah Drew's pregnancy be written into Grey's Anatomy?

By HaleyO
Photo: Picture Perfect / Rex Features Photo: Picture Perfect / Rex Features

Check out Sarah Drew (30) and her gorj 3-month-along baby bump and fab, I must say, (mauve?) satin heels! She's posing in the above photo at ABC's Television Critics Association all-star party, and Us Weekly Magazine got some deets out of her on her character Dr. April Kepner's future on Grey's Anatomy.

"I'm showing a little bit, but for now, the scrubs and the lab coats cover everything," she told the mag. "I'll probably be able to get through the next three months without having too much beyond that. After, they'll just use body doubles when they need to."

Interesting, eh, Gorgeouses? I know a lot of you Grey's fans were wondering....

Sarah also told Us that her Grey's costar Ellen Pompeo is a "wealth of information": "I got great advice about nausea from [Ellen] because I am still dealing with nausea, which is no fun."

She also shared that she gets advice from costars Jessica Capshaw (on diapers) and Chyler Leigh (on breastfeeding).

Sarah's due January 2012!


Love! xo Haley-O


This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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