Victoria Beckham: Parenting around the clock

Victoria Beckham makes parenting her first priority — which means she's often up all night...but not with baby Harper!

By Haley Overland
Victoria Beckham: Parenting around the clock

Victoria Beckham, 39, recently gave a talk in a packed auditorium during the Vogue Festival in London, England. And, apparently, she's really nice. "I'm nice!" she said, according to Vogue UK. "Everyone thinks I'm going to be a cow. I understand it actually. I think the same when I see the pictures." Hehe.

People also think, as they do about many celebrities, that nannies are taking care of her (and hubby David Beckham's) four kids — Brooklyn, 14, Romeo, 10, Cruz, 8, and Harper, 21 months.

But, Victoria insists, that's simply not the case.

"My children are my priority and always have been," she told the audience. "I'm up early in the morning doing spelling tests and maths quizzes before the school run, then up late with a baby and a 14-year-old who refuses to go to bed — Brooklyn." (She pointed to Brooklyn, who was sitting in the audience with her parents, as she said this.)

"I've got great people who handle my schedule and everything does revolve around the children," she continued. "If there's a parents' night or an Easter bonnet parade or a nativity play, whatever it might be, then I plan everything around that."

And, when she has to go to the office, well, the kids come, too.


"I love having children in the office — mine are always running around," she said. "I had one of those swingy chairs for Harper in my office and she'd bounce one way and swing into a roll of fabric and then bounce the other way and crash into a bag of samples."

So, what do you think of Victoria Beckham now? I think she's great. And, if you check out her Twitter feed, @VictoriaBeckham, you can really get a sense of her "nice," self-deprecating personality — she's funny, too, and loves to overshare. So, I guess the moral of this story is... Don't judge a celeb by her scowling cover!

Love! xo Haley-O

Source: Vogue UK

This article was originally published on Apr 30, 2013

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