Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' divorce: SETTLED

It's a quick divorce settlement between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: a good sign for Katie Holmes and Suri — and it seems Katie played her cards perfectly.

By Haley Overland
Photo: Barcroft/FameFlynet Photo: Barcroft/FameFlynet

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's divorce is SETTLED!

Here's what Katie's lawyer, Jonathan Wolfe, told TMZ earlier today: "This case has been settled and the agreement has been signed. We are thrilled for Katie and her family and are excited to watch as she embarks on the next chapter of her life."

Tom's lawyer, Bert Fields, later stated: "The Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes case has been settled with a signed agreement. Tom is really pleased we got there, and so am I."

Everyone's saying that Katie, 33, pulled all the right moves — nay, all the perfect moves — in filing for divorce from her husband of five years. And it looks like she'll have primary custody of their daughter, Suri, 6, and Tom, 50, will have visitation rights.

Hopefully, this means Suri has escaped the clutches of Scientology...albeit barely. Her mother will allegedly still have much work to do to separate both of them from the controversial religious group.

Some of Katie's perfect moves, according to various experts, include filing for divorce first and preparing for the divorce secretly. So Tom's camp was forced to go on the defense and act fast. What's more? Katie's dad's a divorce lawyer. Not that he's ever handled such an extremely sensitive case.... But he certainly seems to know what he's doing. Katie has the support she needs.


So, wow. It's done?! We all thought it'd be an all-out war! But sources are saying the divorce settlement was quick, of course, because Tom doesn't need the bad publicity. He's currently abroad filming Oblivion, and Katie's working on various ventures, co-writing and starring in a film about single motherhood, and building her fashion brand.

Are congrats in order? We hope. I've been worried for Katie and Suri... Best of luck to all of them.

Love! xo Haley-O

Source: TMZ, TMZ, E! News

This article was originally published on Jul 10, 2012

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