Why Susan Sarandon will not be called Grandma

Susan Sarandon is expecting her first grandchild, and she's come up with a sweet name she wants to be called instead of "Grandma."

Photo: Girlie/FameFlynet Photo: Girlie/FameFlynet

Who doesn't love Susan Sarandon? She's the celebrity who most often comes to mind when people think of Hollywood actresses aging gracefully without fillers and Botox and horrific-looking facelifts. Love!

Well, the 67-year-old actress is getting set to welcome her first grandchild—her daughter, Eva, and son-in-law Kyle are expecting a baby girl. But we will not be calling her "Grandma." No, we'll be calling her something really quite sweet.

“I borrowed this name from a very dear friend of mine who’s from the South," Susan told People at an endometriosis fundraiser in New York City, Friday, March 7, "and his grandma was ‘Honey.'"

Susan said she's "experimenting" with the new title, and that "Eva likes it, so we’ll see."

Since there are already tons of grandkids on Kyle's side of the family, adopting a new name makes sense. “I think it’s good because this is [Kyle] seventh grandchild," she explains, "so they’ve established what his parents are called."


Susan also shared she's in the market for a crib and change table for the new addition. She's going to be an awesome grandma, no doubt. And how exciting—her first grandkid!

What do your kids call their grandparents? Do they all have unique monikers, or are there two "Grandmas"? The grandparents all get their own names in my family: Grandma and Papa (my parents), and Bubby and Zaide (Josh-O's parents).

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This article was originally published on Mar 12, 2014

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