Sarah Jessica Parker and the wedge sneakers

Are you a fan of the wedge sneaker? Sarah Jessica Parker sure is.

Photos: Marquez/FameFlynet

Photos: Marquez/FameFlynet

Are you a fan of the new(ish) wedge-sneaker trend that’s all the rage right now? The teens are loving it and, it seems, so do my sister and a certain 47-year-old actress of whom you know I’m a big fan — huge!

Yes, Sarah Jessica Parker loves her some wedge sneakers. See, she’s wearing them here (above), and also the other day, here. So, obviously, LOVES.

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I guess, if my sister’s right, and they actually are the best of both worlds — sneakers… with heels — then they’re perfect for walking the kids to school while still looking stylish, put-together and a bit taller.

SJP’s photo’d here walking her son James Wilkie, 10.5, and her adorable twins, Marion and Tabitha, 3.5, to school.

Even though I love SJP, I don’t think I’ll run out and buy a pair of these. They’re still heels, and unless you get an awesome designer pair like SJP’s, they tend to look, well, odd.

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