Ryan Reynolds takes Blake Lively home to Mom

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively went to Vancouver over the holidays to visit Ryan's mom. Looks like this is serious!

By Haley Overland
Ryan Reynolds takes Blake Lively home to Mom Hello! Canada Magazine

Another star I fell madly in love with over the holidays was Ryan Reynolds. I realize I'm a little late to the party on this one (just like I was on that one), but I saw him in The Change-Up with Jason Bateman and — OMG — *swoon*!

Did you see The Change-Up, Gorgeouses? I rented it on DVD over the holidays. And, Gorgeouses, rent it, you must too because — OMG — *swoon*!

I think my favourite line of the movie was from Olivia Wilde, when she mentioned Robert Frost, and Ryan's character says, "Who's that?" And she says, "Shut up. You're so good looking!" And then, lucky girl, she grabs him and they smooch!

SPEAKING of Ryan Reynolds (35), the Canadian super-hottie took (sighhhh) his very lucky girlfriend of three months, Gossip Girl's Blake Lively (24), home to Vancouver over the holidays. And this week's issue of Hello! Canada Magazine has all the scoop and these hot pics.

Apparently, Ryan and Blake (aka hottest couple on earth right now — just look at them!) took in several of Ryan's favourite haunts, such as Vancouver's Granville Island Public Market, Benny's Bagels and the Original Cupcake Shop, and they shopped on West Fourth Avenue.

Ryan also took Blake to visit his mom. So, yes, Gorgeouses, this is très SERIOUSO!

For more deets, check out this week's issue of Hello! Canada Magazine (on stands NOW!). And, by the way, HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY, KATE!

Ryan Reynolds takes Blake Lively home to Mom  


This article was originally published on Jan 10, 2012

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