Ryan Gosling cheers on his graduating mom!

Photo: Robert Kenney/Everett Collection

Photo: Robert Kenney/Everett Collection

I personally have not yet been able successfully to separate Ryan Gosling from his years on that YTV show Breaker High, in which he basically played the class clown/fool…. But, this sweet story helps.

Yesterday, at the very university I went to, McMaster University, in Hamilton, Ontario, heads turned as a curious audience member shouted, “LOVE YOU MOM! YOU’RE THE BEST MOM EVER,” when a woman walked on stage to accept her diploma.

Can you guess who said it? Heh. RYAN GOSLING! And the woman on the stage, of course, was his mom. Awwww! What a good son supporting his mom in her big moment! And I adore what he said. YOU’RE THE BEST MOM EVER! Hee! So adorable!


xo Haley-O

Source: Lainey Gossip

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