Rachel Zoe goes out on the town with her stylish little guy

No doubt parents around the world be watching what little Skyler Berman is wearing

Fame Pictures

We haven’t really seen a full-face shot of Rachel Zoe’s 8-month-old baby, Skyler Berman, since his birth. But the 40-year-old celebrity stylist-of-the-stars was carrying him proudly on her hip as they strolled along the streets of Beverly Hills, California, earlier this week.

Luckily no one started throwing tomatoes at her for telling Jennifer Garner to forego maternity clothes…!

At first I thought that was a leopard-print hat, which I thought was an curious choice. But on closer inspection, that’s a Missoni hat. Honestly, not the cutest hat, if you ask me…. But perhaps the most chic. And the shoes are cute.

And the baby? He’s super cute! OY!

xo Haley-O

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