Pregnant Sarah Michelle Gellar out and about with her daughter

This celebrity mom seems to walk her daughter everywhere, which lets us see how she's dressing up her baby bump.

By Cassandre Cadieux
Pregnant Sarah Michelle Gellar out and about with her daughter Photo: Pablo/FameFlynet Pictures

Despite being pregnant with baby no. 2, Sarah Michelle Gellar, 35, seems to enjoy taking her daughter Charlotte, almost 3, to and from school every day (or maybe it's daycare... I only say school because she always has a backpack), which is great for me, because I always love to see what she's wearing.

As Haley has pointed out, Sarah Michelle hasn't really had many fantastic outfits, usually opting for the jeans and t-shirt kind of style. She changes it up a little here, and although I'm not usually a fan of those whole dress-over-jeans looks, I think she makes it work! And then, of course, there's Charlotte's super cute skirt and backpack on wheels that I find absolutely adorable.

More recently, however, the mom-and-daughter-duo were seen in matching leopard print outfits. Check it out!

Pregnant Sarah Michelle Gellar out and about with her daughter  

The little touch of pink leopard print under mom's dress allows her to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions. I wonder if she chose it to match her daughter, because I'm not really digging the outfit in general. Again, Charlotte's looking adorable (and I think she really has a thing for animal prints!), and those glittery shoes are every little girl's dream.

Which of the two outfits to you prefer? Personally, I think this one is my fave of hers so far... but there are a few weeks left before baby boy Prinze is due.

This article was originally published on Sep 17, 2012

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