See Pink's daughter in her latest music video!

Check out little Willow Sage Hart in her mom, Pink's latest music video. Cute!


Photo: Pablo/Goodwin/FameFlynet

The song’s called “True Love,” and it’s obvious Pink has a lot of it going on in her latest music video, in which her adorable two-year-old daughter, Willow Sage, plays a starring role!

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The video was released over the weekend. And, leave it to Pink to be raw and honest, it’s about her turbulent relationship with her hubby, racer Carey Hart.

Even though the subject matter is deep, the video’s a lot of fun. Willow’s running around in pig tails, putting makeup on her mom, bike-riding with her parents who fight with rose petals behind her back — poetic!

As if Willow and Carey weren’t enough star power in the video, Pink invited British singer Lily Allen (also a new mom), to make a cameo in the end.

Enough talk, huh? How cute is this kid? CHECK IT!

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