Singer Pink on the not-terrible twos

Singer Pink talks about her two-year-old daughter, Willow Sage, at the premiere of her very first movie.

Photo: Pablo/Goodwin/FameFlynet

Photo: Pablo/Goodwin/FameFlynet

It’s no surprise Pink‘s two-year-old daughter, Willow, is a little firecracker!

“She’s fierce. We need our girls to be fiery,” the Grammy award-winning singer said earlier this week at the Los Angeles premiere of Thanks for Sharing (according to People.com) — a big night for Pink, since this is her very first acting gig, alongside A-listers Gwyneth Paltrow, Tim Robbins and Marc Ruffalo (look for Pink’s given name, Alecia Moore, in the movie credits).

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Having celebrated her second birthday in June, Willow’s well into the terrible twos, but Pink wouldn’t quite call them that.

“Oh, I don’t call them terrible. I think she’s tender,” Pink, 34, told reporters. “She has opinions. And my challenge right now is, ‘Don’t laugh,’ because she gets pissed when I laugh. She means it, and I’m laughing. I’m, like, downplaying her emotions. She’s so cute! ‘Don’t look at me, mama! Don’t talk to me, mama!’ Okay!”

Ohhh, Pink’s in trouble!

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But at least Willow somewhat likes her mom’s music. “She likes ‘Try’ and ‘Just Give Me a Reason,'” Pink shared. “The rest, take it or leave it, she doesn’t care.” Ha!

Pink’s having a great year with several hit songs, including “Try,” and the recent VMA award for “Just Give Me a Reason,” and now a movie debut. Go, girl!

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