Not-necessarily-engaged Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez take Nahla to Disneyland

Tea cups, balloons, cars.... Does this make you want to go to Disneyland? And by the way, the truth of Halle and Olivier's engagement is questionable

Photos by Fame Pictures

First thing’s first. You know how everyone (including yours gullibly) was saying Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez got engaged? Well, now everyone’s changing their tune. It turns out a very excited jeweler jumped the gun and, you know what they say, “made an a** out of you and me” — he assumed the fact that Olivier bought what looked like an engagement ring meant that he and Halle were getting engaged. Ahh well. I guess I’ll keep you posted if or when I hear anything solid.

In the meantime, Halle and Olivier took Halle’s daughter Nahla (3) to Disneyland with some friends over the weekend….

They spun around in a teacup….

Went for a drive….

And made the most out of Halle’s injured foot situation….

They also toured Disneyland on that red train they have there….

And, of course, Nahla got her face painted, watched the parade. Fun!

Looks like they were bundled up for some chilly weather. But, still, sighhh, I wanna go to Disneyland. Now…!

xo Haley-O

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