No Woman, No Cry: Christy Turlington's new documentary

By HaleyO
No Woman, No Cry: Christy Turlington's new documentary

Christy Turlington Burns is truly gorj inside and out. She's doing some really important work bringing awareness to the hundreds of thousands of women who die giving birth each year. These women do not have the medical facilities that saved Christie's life when she experienced serious complications after giving birth to her first child. Through her powerful directorial debut, No Woman, No Cry, Christy hopes to inspire a "mainstream maternal health movement."

The documentary tells the gripping stories of at-risk pregnant women in a small Maasai tribe in Tanzania, Bangladesh slum, a post-abortion facility in Guatemala and a US prenatal clinic.

In her director's statement Christy explains the inspiration behind the film:

I was inspired to make a documentary film that would share the stories of women at risk of becoming a mortality statistic. I hope that by bringing people together through the universal experience of birth, we can help create a mainstream maternal health movement that ensures the lives and well-being of mothers worldwide, for generations to come.

Please check out the website Every Mother Counts for more information on the film and how you can help.

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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