New parents' NICU visits disrupted by Beyonce & Jay-Z's birth (and name "Blue" explained)

Obscene measures were taken to keep Beyonce's birth as private as humanly possible

By Haley Overland
New parents' NICU visits disrupted by Beyonce & Jay-Z's birth (and name "Blue" explained)

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For reasons we'll never know (but totally suspect, not in a JUDGY way, for the record, but just for FUN!), there was extraordinarily tight, tight security around the birth of Jay-Z and Beyonce's baby, Blue Ivy Carter, in Manhattan's Lenox Hill Hospital over the weekend — so much so that parents were allegedly kept from seeing their own newborns and loved ones.

According to the New York Post, other "ordinary" new parents are coming out to say they were put on "lockdown" and even kicked out of the NICU because it was on the same floor (the sixth floor) as Beyonce's birthing "suite."

"They just used the hospital like it was their own and nobody else mattered," a Brooklyn dad, Neil Coulon, told the New York Post after he was prevented from visiting his 11-day-old premature twins in the NICU. “They locked us into the NICU and would say, ‘You can’t come out to the hallway for the next 20 minutes.’ When I finally was able to go back out, I went to the waiting room and they’d ushered my family downstairs!”

The New York Post is also saying that windows in the NICU were "blacked out with tape and temporary curtains so that nobody could see the comings and goings of the VIP at the other end of the hallway."

Beyonce (30) has now been moved to the fourth floor, and she and Jay-Z (42) are "showing off" baby Blue to friends, a hospital employee told the NYP. Meanwhile the other new parents in the hospital are reportedly still annoyed because access to loved ones remains dependent on Beyonce and Jay-Z's actions and visitors, such as Beyonce's very very important makeup artist....

Coulon said it best (to NYP): “These are parents who are going through very stressful times. To have that circus roll into town... having to deal with all this drama because someone is a superstar isn’t fair.”

I feel really sorry for these parents and disgusted by this story. No matter how much Beyonce and Jay-Z paid (there's a rumour that they paid the hospital $1.3 million for the extreme privacy), this is life and death we're talking about — which should be beyond fame.

Incidentally, sighhh, we finally have an explanation of the name "Blue" from NYP, and it's not because Beyonce and Jay-Z liked The Smurfs movie. Apparently, they named the baby "Blue" after Jay-Z's album "Blueprint." No comment.

Read the original NYP article, which offers a few more details on the hospital's (of course) evasive response, Beyonce's fake hospital name, etc., here.

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Jan 09, 2012

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