Neve Campbell is pregnant!

The Canadian actress is expecting her first child

By Haley Overland
Photo: Tony Gonzalez/Everett Collection Photo: Tony Gonzalez/Everett Collection

Scream and former Party of Five star, Neve Campbell, 38, is pregnant! She's expecting her first child with actor JJ Feild, and is due, according to People Magazine, later this year.

“They are thrilled,” the couple's rep told People.

Neve's next flick is Sworn to Silence, a Lifetime movie of which she's both the star and executive producer. You may remember JJ from Captain America (LOVE!), and look out for him in Austenland (can't wait for that one!).

Congrats to the family! Did you know I used to take dance class with Neve Campbell? True story! We used to chat in the dressing room between classes when she was on the TV show Catwalk (remember that?).

And, psssst! A li'l birdie actually told me Neve was preggers a while ago, but, alas, I was SWORN to secrecy.

Love! xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Mar 21, 2012

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