Natalie Portman and family at the park: Cute pics!

Photos! Here are Natalie Portman and her family enjoying a weekend out in L.A.

Photo: FameFlynet Photos: FameFlynet

Aww, sweet! Check out Natalie Portman, 32, and her family enjoying the July 4th weekend in L.A., California.

The Oscar-winning actress, her hubby, choreographer Benjamin Millipied, and their two-year-old son, Aleph, spent the weekend exploring the Little Tokyo district, strolling by the water and playing ball at the park.

It's rare that we see this photos of this gorgeous family (I know from my own sources that Natalie's very private and guarded around her fame -- she likes to live life and interact with the people around her as "normally" as possible). So, enjoy these rare, sweet pics.

portman-1 Move over, Beckham!

portman-2 Beautiful!


As you can see in the pics, Natalie looked relaxed and happy -- likely because she's just finished a bunch of major movies, including a movie with Michael Fassbender (title TBA) and Thor: The Dark World(hits theatres in November; hello, Chris Hemsworth!). She's also got some good gigs in the works, including an adaptation of Macbeth (awesome!) and Knight of Cups, the new Batman movie with Christian Bale. Go, Natalie!

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This article was originally published on Jul 09, 2013

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