LeAnn Rimes out shopping "with her boys"

Never mind LeAnn Rime and Eddie Cibrian's PDA at the soccer field, if you were Brandi Glanville, would that headline make you cringe?

By Haley Overland
LeAnn Rimes out shopping "with her boys"

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Poor Brandi Glanville....

I actually didn't know her name until I started watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (regrettably ? I still haven't been able to get through the last episode...). But I definitely knew of her, like many of us, when the LeAnn-Rimes-Eddie-Cibrian scandal broke out a few years ago. 

But today, I looked in my celebrity photos and saw this headline: LeAnn Rimes Goes Shopping With Her Boys. Then I saw this all over the Internet this morning: for the first time, LeAnn, Eddie and Brandi have been seen together, at Eddie and Brandi's 8-year-old son Mason's soccer game ? Eddie and LeAnn packing on the PDA right in front of Brandi. All this, while they're in the middle of a bitter, public "Christmas custody battle."

For those of you who don't know, Eddie Cibrian (38) and his one-time costar LeAnn Rimes (29) had an affair while they were both married. They then got married shortly after LeAnn's own divorce from Dean Sheremet was finalized. The whole thing was extremely scandalous and continues to humiliate Brandi (as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills clearly exhibits!).

And now Brandi's kids are being called  "LeAnn's boys." I mean, ouch!?

Never mind the PDA Eddie and LeAnn flaunted in front of Brandi (and the cameras) on the soccer field, LeAnn gets Brandi's boys. The (much younger) woman who, it seems, destroyed her marriage and continues to publicly humiliate her now gets the privilege of parenting her children ? Mason and 4-year-old Jake.

LeAnn even calls herself "bonus mom" in her Twitter bio. Will they think of her as a "bonus" when they're old enough to Google her name...? I just wonder....

I don't know. What do you think of all this, Gorgeouses? As usual, I am loath to make a judgment call on a circumstance I personally know nothing about. And, of course, this is in no way a comment on stepmoms in general (and I hope LeAnn is, indeed, a wonderful stepmom)! It's just this very specific, very public situation. I'm a sensitive person, and I just find myself feeling bad for Brandi.


xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Dec 12, 2011

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