Kim Kardashian's Nori necklace

Kim Kardashian brings a piece of "Nori" with her as she travels to Paris alone with Kanye.

Photo: CHP/FameFlynet Photo: CHP/FameFlynet

Everyone's talking about Kim Kardashian's new "Nori" necklace.

The reality-TV star was snapped wearing the lovely gold necklace in Paris — where she and boyfriend Kanye West have been enjoying Paris Fashion Week, sans their three-month old daughter, North West.

This is the first time Kim's ever been away from her daughter. But, with this necklace close to her heart, she's taking a piece of Nori with her wherever she goes. (Not... the sea vegetable!)

It's hard to see the necklace in our photo, but — check it out — it's pretty awesome: Here's a close-up. 

What do you think? Neat design, huh? I LOVE it.


In addition to the necklace, everyone's gushing about the second photo of North the world has ever seen — on Kim's iPhone wallpaper. Here's a faint photo... of the photo. 

It's not at all surprising that a mom would have a photo of her baby on her iPhone. My own iPhone wallpaper is a photo of my kids, and, although I'd love to be in Paris right now, my kids are just a few blocks away from me at school right now....  But, like everything lately, the media's making a big deal of this adorable. second. photo. #thatyoucanbarelysee.

In other Kimmy K news, various sources say she's is desperately missing baby North but enjoying time alone with Kanye. They've also been shopping up a storm, buying (and receiving) designer clothes for North. Just take a look at Kim's Instagram stream for the latest gifts she and North have received — like this Givenchy "Bambi" tee.

Personalized baby necklaces are quite the trend lately. Do you have one? I don't have a necklace with my kids' names on it, or tags with their initials (like a lot of moms I know), but I do LOVE Kim's Nori necklace. Very sweet and such a cool design.


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This article was originally published on Oct 01, 2013

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