Kim Kardashian Call to Cover Up? Really?

This weekend a bloggy buddy of mine, Ms. Annie of @PhDinParenting, alerted me to some tweets by a certain Kim Kardashian, which have the breastfeeding community up in arms! Checkit:

Notice all the Retweets — 100!  In response to what appears to be an uproar, Kim tweets this the following day….

And then this — presumably to show that she’s an authority on the subject….

As one breastfeeding blogger astutely pointed out in a great post this weekend, Kim Kardashian is not one to talk about covering up. And to that wonderful blog post, I would only add that Ms. Kardashian, who is notoriously, single-handedly responsible for popularizing a new kind of cleavage….

…is definitely better off staying mum on the subject.

Photo: BRJ/Fame Pictures

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