Justin Bieber to take paternity test!

Justin Bieber is putting an end to claims that he fathered a fan's child -- he's taking the paternity test

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Can you believe it, Gorgeouses? He’s gonna take the test! Justin Bieber (17) is going to officially set the record straight and take the paternity test to prove that he is not the father of a random fan’s 3-month-old baby.

A source for Access Hollywood has confirmed that arrangements for a DNA test have been made. Justin’ll take the test when he gets back from Europe (he’s there for the MTV Europe Music Awards, which his girlfriend Selena Gomez hosted last night)  — responding to the paternity suit that Mariah Yeater filed in the San Diego Superior Court last week. 

And, you betcha, Justin’s peeps are going to take serious legal action against Yeater when the test is done. The Associated Press has reported that a hearing is scheduled for December 15.

Hope this all ends quickly. You know why? Because I heart Justin Bieber. Heart! Even though my six-year-old daughter says I shouldn’t tell anyone that…. Never say never!

xo Haley-O

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