Jim Carrey's new children's book about life and death

Jim Carrey's new children's book looks awesome... and existential!


Somewhere in the middle of the deep blue sea, a wave named Roland came to be. — Jim Carrey, How Roland Rolls

Yes, Canadian actor/comedian Jim Carrey has released a new children's book, How Roland Rolls. It's a rhyming book about a wave, Roland, who "rolls" through life's challenges and faces its end... shore.

“The idea of expanded consciousness is something I’ve always been interested in, looking for and experiencing in my life,” Jim tells The Hollywood Reporter. “And then, one of the things I’ve always wanted to talk about or deal with is the fact that kids have profound feelings and profound questions that people don’t give them credit for. They think about life and death and, ‘What happens when something happens to Mom? What happens when something happens to me?’”

The book comes out September 24 (today!) and is dedicated to his three-year-old grandson, Jackson.

I haven't had the chance to pick up a copy yet, but, as a fan of both Jim Carrey and existentialist philosophy (Jean-Paul Sartre, oh yeah) — and having experienced an existential crisis or two in my own childhood — I'm definitely intrigued.


Check out The Hollywood Reporter's interview with Jim on his childhood existential crisis and how How Roland Rolls can help parents talk to their kids about death.

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This article was originally published on Sep 24, 2013

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