Jessica Alba on the challenges of motherhood, pregnancy weight gain & more

In the latest issue of InStyle Australia, Jessica Alba paints a realistic picture of her experience of motherhood. Here are snippets

By Haley Overland
Jessica Alba on the challenges of motherhood, pregnancy weight gain & more

Jessica Alba Hosting Swarovski Elements & Rodeo Drive Holiday Lighting Ceremony, Bev. Hills, CA. (Nov 21/2011) | Fame Pictures

It's refreshing to see a celebrity open up about the realities of motherhood, isn't it? Well, that's just what Jessica Alba (30) did in the newest issue of InStyle Australia Magazine. (Mind you, she was pretty candid when I interviewed her shortly before her daughter Haven was born last August — remember that?)

Well, in this interview, the stunning actress doesn't hold too much back, and you've kind of got to yell KUDOS to her for that.

"It's overwhelming," Jessica admits. "I don't consider myself a lot of the time. I think a lot of mums do that, try to be everything to everyone all the time.... I make mistakes. I do try to do way too much." Amen, Sistah!

Like many of us, Jessica felt "more relaxed" after her second child Haven (now 4 months) was born; with her older daughter Honor (now 3), she was more frantic. Here's what she tells InStyle about that:

Every sneeze or runny nose or little bump on the head would have freaked me out.... [Now] I am more easygoing with that sort of thing. And [I] the sense of knowing that I can get Haven to stop crying. It was all new with Honor and I wasn't confident, and she could feel that, so she continued to cry. That didn't happen a lot, but when it happened I felt like I would crack.

We hear her, right, Gorgeouses?

Also refreshing, Jessica admits to not eating so well during her first pregnancy: "[When] with Honor, I didn't make the healthiest choices when it came to eating.... All of a sudden, I had gained over [30 kilos]. I stopped weighing myself after that." How much is 30 kilos? Ahh, 60 pounds. Me too!

"With Haven I didn't gain as much," Jessica reveals. "So [afterward] I was closer to where I felt comfortable in my own skin." Booo.... Just kidding!

Despite all the challenges of motherhood (even with the nanny she says she needs as a working mother), Jessica recognizes how much it's changed her in positive ways. Here's what she tells InStyle about that:

I felt completely different. I really came into myself as a person. Before, I was always working for my identity. And then you take the focus off of yourself. I was probably, definitely, a bit of a narcissist. When you are young and an actor and driven, it's a bizarre state of mind to be in at times. I was so focused on things that didn't matter at the end of the day. Now I have what I do for a living in perspective. Working was everything to me, my entire identity, and once I got to step away from it, everything changed.

For more from Jessica, check out the latest issue of InStyle Australia. Mind you, duhh, I don't think we get that magazine (at least not just anywhere) in Canada. So, at least check the online version with some sweet LA-based pics of the now-totally-svelt Jessica.

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Dec 14, 2011

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