Jessica Alba & her adorable daughters: Lunch at "Bubby's" (photos!)

Check out these sweet pics of Jessica Alba and her daughters out for lunch with a friend. We love the long skirt and hefty double stroller!

Look how sweet! Love love love that long, flowing coral skirt — and that hefty double stroller’s pretty awesome too! Did/do any of you use one of those double-decker strollers, Gorgeouses?

Jessica Alba, 31, is photo’d here going to lunch with her friend and daughters, Honor, 4, and almost-one-year-old Haven at a restaurant called “Bubby’s” (cute!) in NYC yesterday.

Scroll down and check out the sweet pics. Jessica’s daughters are adorable, and it looks like they had a fun outing together.

I have to admit, I don’t love taking my kids out for lunch by myself — because it’s TWO AGAINST ONE, and they get really silly. But it’s definitely a treat to take them out with my husband or a friend. But…, most of my friends have kids at this point, so we are inevitably outnumbered.

Chubby arm!

Ooo, looks like Miss Honor doesn’t like to sit through a restaurant meal either!


DISCUSS: Do you take your kids out to eat a lot, and do they behave? What are your tricks for getting them to sit the whole time and not get too silly??

xo Haley-O

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