Jessica Alba, Cash Warren & Honor check out preschool

There’s Jessica Alba, looking totally stunning just weeks after giving birth to baby Haven, hubby Cash Warren and their 3-year-old daughter Honor, wearing an ADORABLE black-and-white print dress, on their way to check out a new preschool before heading out to lunch in Santa Monica, California, earlier today. In fact, Honor and Jessica are both rocking the prints — loving Jess’s dress (maybe because our own Canadian days of summer dresses are OVAH!?). Nice family…!

How’s back-to-school going for you, Gorgeouses? I met with my little guy’s kindergarten teacher just yesterday. And tomorrow’s his first day! Verklempt! And my daughter is just finishing her first week of Grade 1…. Verklempt!


xo Haley-O

Photo: Fame Pictures

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