How Jennifer Love Hewitt stays fit during pregnancy

Here's how Jennifer Love Hewitt is staying fit and healthy throughout her pregnancy.

Jennifer Love Hewitt pregnant 2014 Photo: KM/FameFlynet

Jennifer Love Hewitt is loving being pregnant. She was gushing about it yesterday at the Pampers Love, Sleep and Play event in New York. “[Being] is an awesome thing,” she told People. “It definitely has its moments where you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh this is crazy,’ but it’s been beautiful.”

It definitely helps that she's been keeping in shape throughout the pregnancy.

“I’ve actually worked out more pregnant than when I wasn’t," she said. "I’ve been working out about five to six days a week.”

“I do a lot of swimming, pilates, yoga — all good stuff for baby and for me," she continued. "It gets difficult the bigger you get because it’s more uncomfortable, but it’s important."

Jennifer is currently engaged to her baby-daddy, her Love Bites costar Brian Hallisay. She says there are no plans for the wedding just yet.  “I’m not putting that on myself also!" she says, adding that she plans to "get down and be cute again" first.


Though she's loving being pregnant and excited for baby to arrive in December, Jennifer says the thing she's most nervous about is "learning to breastfeed."

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This article was originally published on Aug 22, 2013

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