Jennifer Garner and Samuel: Just horsing around

Haley shares cute photos of Jennifer Garner and Samuel Affleck — and reminds parents to ease up on the judging and make time to play!

Photo: Pablo/FameFlynet Photo: Pablo/FameFlynet

Before I get into this very adorable post (look how cute!), I need to set the record straight.

Because I've been hosting our Facebook page (like us!), I'm beginning to notice the odd comment here and there about the Celebrity Candy stories being "not news," or "aren't there more serious things to talk about?" To both such comments, I say, YES. These stories are definitely "not news" in the global scheme of things. I mean, come on! And there are definitely "more serious things to talk about." I mean, come on!

BUT here's the kicker. This stuff is supposed to be fun. And you know what? I see this kind of thinking all around me in various contexts, and not just on Facebook. We are very lucky to have the freedom we have, to live in Canada and raise our children the way we see fit. We are lucky to enjoy frivolous things. So YES, there are more serious things to talk about; but it's also OK to have a little fun, to enjoy our freedom, sometimes. "Play" in whatever form — even if it's not the most intellectual or impressive form — is important for parents, too.

Also, I think you will all agree PARENTING IS HARD. Take a break and de-stress with me. That's all we're doing here. We're enjoying "candy" without the calories, and some effortless fantasy. There's sooo nothing wrong with that.

With all that in mind, then, CHECK OUT and enjoy Butter star Jennifer Garner horsing around with her adorable son, Samuel, 1.5 (above). Jennifer fed the horse as Samuel looked on, impressed by his brave mama.

No, this isn't news, and there are much bigger, more important, more serious things to talk about. But, isn't this SWEET? And doesn't he look just like his handsome (oh, so handsome) dad, Ben Affleck?


So, I implore you, my friends, to let go a little and have fun! It's definitely an honour for me to bring you that fun every day. Again, parenting is hard, so having a little fun sometimes and lightening up on each other is the very least we can do to make the world a better place.

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This article was originally published on Sep 17, 2013

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