Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck get lovey on a walk with Violet

Ben Affleck gets affectionate with Jennifer Garner on a sunny walk with their oldest daughter Violet

Fame Pictures

Are you affectionate with your partner? Our relationship columnist Liza Finlay says just three hugs a day will improve your relationship immensely! (Hmmm…. I may just try that with my hubby, Josh-O.) And it looks like we caught Ben Affleck giving his very pregnant wife, Jennifer Garner, at least one of three, while squeezing little Vi’s hand! Love, love, LOVE!


My coworker, Cara Waterfall (Editorial Coordinator,, just mused, “I hope they’re for real because they’re so cute together.” Sighhh, me too!

This photo was taken yesterday in sunny Sacramento, California. And TODAY is actually a big day for the Affleck family, as you obviously know already because you read my post yesterday (right, Gorgeouses!?): it’s VIOLET AFFLECK’S BIRTHDAY! She’s 6 today ? the same age as my daughter…. It’s a great age!


xo Haley-O

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