Janet Jackson is exploring adoption overseas

Janet Jackson and her billionaire hubby are reportedly exploring the process of adopting overseas.

Photo: SGP/FameFlynet Photo: SGP/FameFlynet

Various sources are saying Grammy award-winning singer Janet Jackson (aka Michael Jackson's sister), 47, and her new hubby, billionaire Wissam Al Mana, are considering adopting overseas — potentially from Jordan or war-torn Syria. Sources say they're looking into adopting two children.

“It’s going to happen, and real soon,” a family member tells Page Six.

“Janet has always been concerned about the welfare of the world’s children," another source says, "and it’s important to her that she affords a baby the opportunities that have been afforded her."

According to Page Six, the "Rhythm Nation" singer has sought out Angelina Jolie and Jordan's Queen Rania to help start the adoption process. (Angelina reportedly also sought Queen Rania's help.)

No news on whether Janet and the Queen have actually met yet.


Though she's actively exploring adoption, Page Six says Janet hasn't given up on the prospect of pregnancy, either. "She's kept herself in great shape," their source says.

But, other sources say she's given up on the prospect of pregnancy and is bent on adopting a child in need. "She now pretty much knows pregnancy is not in the cards," says a source for Us Weekly, "so she's been looking into adopting. She's been very moved by the events in Jordan and Syria now that she's been living overseas. Not sure how soon it will happen, but there's been movement on this."

We'll keep you posted, of course. Janet Jackson would make a great mom — oh, the lullabies she'll sing!

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This article was originally published on Oct 02, 2013

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