Hugh Jackman: Scooter dad

Hugh Jackman rode his own scooter as he and his wife took their youngest child to school yesterday. See how they played it safe!

Photo: IMI/FameFlynet Photo: INI/FameFlynet

You know, I love a good scooter ride with the kids. Problem is: They're the ones on the scooter, and I end up running after them the whole time (usually because they've fallen and they can't get uuuup). So, I think Hugh Jackman, 45, and his wife, Deborra Lee Furness, 57, are onto something, a new trend maybe. They've got their own scooters!

I so want one now.

Here they are scootering to eight-year-old daughter Ava's school as a family (minus son Oscar, 13), in the streets of New York City, yesterday (above).

Now, does this family man look anything like Wolverine? Not so much. At all. But how cute is this? Cutest of all, maybe, is the family's French Bulldog, Dali. Poor guy doesn't get a scooter of his own, but it looks like he kept up the pace just fine.


Though Ava's not wearing a helmet, the family did try to play it safe by getting off their scooters while they crossed the street....

jackman-3 Photo: INI/FameFlynet

They so need to create the Wolverine scooter.... Remember I said that when you see it in stores — you heard it here first, folks!

Do you have your own scooter? And do you go scootering with the kids? Looks like FUN!


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This article was originally published on Oct 22, 2013

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