Hilary Duff on Luca's latest milestone

Do you shop with your kids? Hilary Duff was spotted shopping with her baby, Luca. She recently tweeted (enthusiastically) about his latest milestone.

Do you shop with your kids?

It was easier when they were Hilary Duff’s son Luca’s age, just eight months, in some ways. You could shop while baby napped, strap them safely in the stroller, etc. These days, at least for me and my five- and seven-year-olds, not so much. Now they like to hide in the clothing racks (great idea, right?) or pull at each other’s coats, giggling and screeching (must they screech? what’s the deal with screeching? inside voices!).

Anyway, here’s Hilary, 25, out and about in LA, likely shopping, with her adorable baby on her hip. She looked great in leggings, an extra-long knit cardigan and this season’s biggest trend, ankle boots.  

Not sure what Hilary’s up to professionally these days, other than tweeting a lot. Here’s a sweet tweet she recently posted about Luca’s latest milestone: “Btw I officially have a crawling baby!! It’s cray cray!!! That maniac is allll over… grabby and demanding as hell annnnnnd WE LOVE him!!!”

So cray cray! Hee!

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