Hands-on celebrity dad of the day: BEN AFFLECK

Ben Affleck takes the girls to the farmers' market and is adorably hands-on with them (*swoon*)

Fame Pictures

When this blog is fully up and running again, WATCH OUT! Because I have pictures. I’ve got pictures. In the latest batch I got, Ben Affleck was ADORABLE with daughters Violet (5.5) and Seraphina (2.5).

Here’s a taste of the adorableness (left). He took them to the farmers’ market again. They tasted sweet, healthy goodies, held hands and brought flowers home again for preggers mama Jennifer Garner. LOVE!

Here’s Ben kissing little Seraphina’s head. You can tell she is just SMITTEN by her dad…whose shaggy ‘do is NOT growing on me yet. You? But seeing him with his girls is très adorable!

xo Haley-O

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