Halle Berry Wears her Cause

By HaleyO

Halle Berry wants YOU to conserve energy. With everything that's going on in the Gulf, many of us are thinking hard about going green(er). So, for a weekend assignment, I leave you to study Halle Berry's very informative tee. Checkit:

Informative, huh? I was trying to figure out what that thing was at the bottom...*cough.* But, then I realized it's all supposed to be a lightbulb. Duhhh.

Halle's two-year-old daughter Nahla Aubry and her daddy Gabriel Aubry were seen playing in the park together just today -- cuteness. Rumour had it for a while that Halle and Gabriel were back together.... But our hopes were quickly dashed when a source close to the couple confirmed that the two are simply "still friends and raising their daughter. . .but that’s it.”

(Halle's pictured here shopping (for more tees?) at the CB2 store in Hollywood California.)

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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