Guess who's the boss in Ben Affleck's house (Hint: It's not Jennifer Garner!)

Check out Ben Affleck being whipped around by a best friend! (And for the record, Haley's laughing *with* him not *at* him because, believe her, she gets it)

Bahahaha! Check out Ben Affleck being walked by his massive German Shepherd.

I’m only laughing because I got you with that blog post title, didn’t I? Made you look? I made even non-dog-lovers click through, didn’t I? No? Hmmm…. Well, give me a little break today if I get obnoxious because, can I tell you again?:

– I’m sick.
– My kids are sick,
– My husband’s away.
– My parents are away.
– My 16-year-old cat may be on her death bed.

So please bear with me today. Please allow me a gratuitous chuckle? Maybe even a typo? Just this wonce?

I also have a dog. She’s a little Maltese named “Betty White,” and she’s the boss of me. So when I saw this photo of Ben being walked by that fabulous German Shepherd, I had to share.

And share….

And share….

BAHAHAHA! Looks like he doesn’t like the paparazzi so much. But isn’t he gorj? I mean the dog. Also Ben Affleck, come to think of it. Even with the beard.


And I love my kitty. Please cross your fingers for her.

Thank you!
xo Haley-O

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