Photos! Pregnant Ginnifer Goodwin on set

Check out these stunning new photos of pregnant Ginnifer Goodwin and fiancé Josh Dallas on the set of Once Upon a Time.

By Haley Overland

Photo: JKing/FameFlynet Photo: JKing/FameFlynet

Some great photos of Ginnifer Goodwin on the set of her hit show, ABC's Once Upon a Time, have been making the rounds on the Internets.

The actress, who plays the role of Snow White, and her fiancé, Josh Dallas, who plays the role of Prince Charming, announced they're expecting their first child just last week.

And look how gorj....

Photo: JKing/FameFlynet Photo: JKing/FameFlynet

As the character of Snow White, Ginnifer, 35, donned a beautiful golden gown and embroidered coat, and she covered her famous pixie cut with the long black-as-night wig. There's obviously no need to worry about writing an actress's pregnancy into a storyline when you have a wardrobe like that! (But, from what readers, like @lauramjbee, tell me, it's entirely possible they've written it into the storyline, anyway.)

This is really the first photo of the star since the pregnancy announcement. She and Josh, 31, are famously private. Sooo, this in-character smooch is as much as we're going to get from them.

Photo: JKing/FameFlynet Photo: JKing/FameFlynet

Awww... Love them together.

"It's definitely a plus that we get to spend so much time together," Josh has said of working with Ginnifer. "I think it adds something; it adds a different dynamic to the characters that we're playing that we can bring to it. It's always a great day going to work with Ginnifer Goodwin; she's a fantastic actress and I learn so much from her. We just get to play, so it's nice." Indeed, it definitely looks like fun.

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This article was originally published on Nov 28, 2013

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