Fergie: Still pregnant (photo!)

Fergie shares photos revealing she is, indeed, still pregnant and enjoying her family.


Photo: Fergie

As my fellow celeb-gossip lovers at the office like to say… It seems like Fergie, 38, has been pregnant FOREVER. Many of us have suspected she and hubby Josh Duhamel, 40, already had their baby. But, nope! Fergie posted photos of her very pregnant self on Instagram over the weekend.

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Yes, on Sunday, August 11, the Black Eyed Peas singer’s family threw her a baby shower, and she shared pics of the event with her fans.

In a bump-hugging minidress and high heels, Fergie showed off her gorgeous pregnant self alongside Black Eyed Peas band members will.i.am and apl.de.ap (Taboo couldn’t make it), with the caption “#UncleLove” (above). Awww.

On Facebook, she also shared a pic herself and a family member with a plate of pasta salad, fruit and cookie initials “B.F.” — thanking “Pam” (her best friend?) for the event.

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This is the second baby shower for Fergie. Her friends also threw her a celeb-packed “gay-by” shower, on July 28.

Just a month or so to go… The baby’s reportedly due in the fall. The couple announced Fergie’s pregnancy last February.

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