Elton John ships breastmilk to baby Zachary

By HaleyO
Photo: Greg Allen / Rex Features Photo: Greg Allen / Rex Features

Because he has two daddies -- Sir Elton John (64) and David Furnish (48) -- one would assume 4-month-old Zachary Furnish-John would be formula fed. But no! Sir Elton is actually flying in breast milk from the United States.

Zachary's surrogate (and biological) mother is apparently pumping breastmilk for him and sending it out to the family via FedEx.

Sir Elton pleased breastfeeding lobbyists everywhere, when he revealed this news on Barbara Walters' show over the weekend: "She's been providing him with breast milk," Sir Elton told Barbara. "We have the breast milk FedExed from where she is."

Apparently, in the UK only one-third of babies are breastfed exclusively until they're one week old. That number then plummets to 7% when babies reach Zachary's age. So this is a big boost for breastfeeding lobbyists who probably wouldn't have thought two dads could serve their cause!

Love! xo Haley-O


This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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