Chris Pratt and Anna Faris: Son "totally healthy" after premature birth

Chris Pratt opens up about the premature birth of his and Anna Faris' baby boy, Jack.

Parks and Recreation star Chris Pratt, 33, was on on the Late Show with David Letterman the other day to promote his latest flick, Zero Dark Thirty, and he shared a bit about the birth of his son, Jack, whom he and his wife, actress Anna Faris, 36, welcomed prematurely back in August.

“Oh, God, he is just . . . he’s amazing. I love him so much,” Chris said. “He’s just a ball of joy. He’s terrific.”

“He was born nine weeks premature, so we spent a month in the intensive care unit with him,” Chris shared. “But he’s totally healthy now. He is just so perfect and I love him so much.”

We’ve seen some photos of this happy new family out and about and read some of Chris’s happy tweets, and now we’re thrilled to officially learn the baby’s doing great and all is well!

xo Haley-O

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