Happy Birthday, Miss Blue Ivy Carter!

Blue Ivy Carter turned two today! See what parents Beyonce and Jay Z reportedly splurged on for her birthday present this year.

Photo: GTRES/FameFlynet Photo: GTRES/FameFlynet

Happy birthday, Miss Blue Ivy Carter!

The famed spawn of Beyoncé and Jay Z turned two today, January 7, 2014. And of course, they celebrated the big day big-time. "Happy Birthday Miss Carter," Beyoncé wrote on her Tumblr page — on a big poster filled with family pics and birthday wishes from fans. "Happy 2nd birthday Blue!"

What did they buy they're little two-year-old for her birthday? But of course, the most appropriate thing for a two-year-old: a horse!

“Blue loves animals and expressed interest in having a horse," a source tells MediaTakeOut, "so they bought her one.”

According the the source, Blue's new horse is a $75K (not including the price of boarding, feeding, training, etc.) "full-blooded Arabian, suitable for competing in equestrian."


Indeed, this isn't the first lavish gift the famous toddler has gotten. For her birthday last year, Mom and Dad reportedly gave her an $80,000 diamond-encrusted Barbie doll...

Photo: Beyonce via Instagram Photo: Beyonce via Instagram

The family has been in Miami lately — vacationing, celebrating and ringing in the New Year. Happy Birthday, BIC!

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This article was originally published on Jan 08, 2014

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