Beyonce pregnant again?

Is Beyonce pregnant again? That's the latest Hollywood pregnancy rumour.

You guys, I am EXHAUSTED. I just finished interviewing the amazing Jillian Michaels (you know what a big fan I am — so this was a huge, nerve-wracking deal for me), and I’m about to head back out to the Today’s Parent offices to host our Potty Training Twitter party with Nadine Silverthorne (our lovely Today’s Parent online managing editor) and the folks at Pampers #EasyUps (starts at 8:30 p.m. EST).

In the meantime, a few words on the latest Hollywood pregnancy rumour: They’re saying Beyonce, 32, is pregnant again. Honestly? We’ve heard this one before. So I’m taking it with a grain of salt. It would be interesting news, though: She’ll be flaunting that belly like crazy this time around so no one will doubt it’s really there.

The rumours started in Monday’s Page Six. The New York Post said Beyonce’s keeping her pregnancy under wraps — particularly, under a leather Givenchy corset at the Met Gala, last week in NYC (pictured above).

Sources close to the singer, however, are saying the rumours are bogus. So…, grain of salt.

Now you’re updated, and I gots to go! See you tonight on Twitter (or elsewhere — go to to participate on our site’s live stream.)

And stay tuned for my Jillian Michaels’ interview! She had a lot to say, so it may take me a while to get it all down!

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