Kim Kardashian: New photos of baby North

Kim Kardashian has shared new photos of her baby girl, North West, on Instagram. Look how cute!

Photo: Kim Kardashian via Instagram Photo: Kim Kardashian via Instagram

Kim Kardashian, 33, has been successfully keeping her daughter, North West (aka "Nori"), out of the public eye. We've only really seen two photos of the five-month-old. Lately, however, the spotlight's back on Nori — but all on Kim's own terms. Nice!

Yesterday, November 12, Kim posted a photo of Nori with famous Italian stylist/designer Riccardo Tisci (above). How cute is this baby?!

"#NewStylist @riccardotisci17," Kim writes along with the pic.

Not quitting while she's ahead, Kim posted another photo of Nori in action — this time, on her own and smiling — an hour later...

north-west Photo: Kim Kardashian via Instagram

Kim captioned the photo with a simple "LOL."

Of course, Kim's fans are lapping up these new photos — especially since Kim announced Nori won't be showing up on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

"From the start Kanye was, like, I'm not comfortable with selling her photos in a magazine reveal . . . having her on the show," Kim has said.

"See, it's hard because I love seeing Mason and Penelope [Kourtney Kardashian's kids] on the show," she admitted. "It's so cute, like the little things they say, but I do feel like it's just a different dynamic with Kanye."


In the meantime, we'll enjoy whatever photos Kim shares. She's adorable — a a total mix of her mom and dad. Whom do you think she looks like?

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This article was originally published on Nov 13, 2013

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