Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer on twins' premature birth

After a "terrifying" ordeal, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are enjoying the milestones now that their twins have turned one.

Photo: Parisa/FameFlynet Anna and Stephen at HBO's Post Emmy Awards. Photo: Parisa/FameFlynet

At a BAFTA TV event last Saturday, True Blood's Anna Paquin, 31, and Stephen Moyer, 43, opened up to reporters about the harrowing ordeal they went through after their twins, son Charlie and daughter Poppy, were born several weeks premature.

". . . [The] had a tough start," said Stephen (according to "They were early and it was touch and go there for a while, and so anything is amazing. I was just saying they are spitting up their first solid food. It's fantastic."

"Sometimes you cope with it very well and sometimes you don't," he continued. "And sometimes you wake up and you're desperately terrified, you're so tired you can't [do] anything, so you just get through it like anyone else."

Though the twins, now one, are doing well, Stephen says they still have some issues. "There's still things every now and then," he said, "but they're pretty great."


And, like all one-year-olds, Stephen assured reporters the twins are "nuts"! And, while Anna's eager for them to start walking, Stephen, who's also dad to Lilac, 11, and Billy, 13, knows better. "Just wait," he tells her. "Our lives are over once that happens!" Ha!

It's rare that this very private couple opens up. It's no wonder they were silent for so long after the birth of their babies. We wish them well.

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This article was originally published on Sep 26, 2013

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