Alyson Hannigan's special necklace

Alyson Hannigan was photo'd returning from the gym wearing a sentimental piece of jewellery.

It’s barely been two months since the birth of her second daughter, Keeva, and Alyson Hannigan, 38, is looking fabulous (of course). 

The How I Met Your Mother star is obviously working hard to get her pre-baby body back. She’s photo’d here returning from the gym yesterday, in LA, California.

The most interesting part of the photo — other than how fab purple looks on her with her famous red hair: She’s wearing some pretty new personalized jewellery!

Scroll down to check out the necklace. It’s got two charms on it with the names of her daughters, Satyana (who’s 3 years old), and Keeva.


DISCUSS: I know these personalized necklaces are really popular. Did you get any jewellery with your kids’ names engraved on it?

xo Haley-O

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